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bony adj
1 very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold; "emaciated bony hands"; "a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys"; "eyes were haggard and cavernous"; "small pinched faces"; "kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration" [syn: cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, haggard, pinched, skeletal, wasted]
2 composed of or containing bone; "osseous tissue" [syn: osseous, osteal]
3 having bones especially many or prominent bones; "a bony shad fillet"; "her bony wrist" [syn: boney] [ant: boneless] [also: boniest, bonier]

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  1. resembling, having the appearance or consistence of, or relating to bone.
  2. full of bones
  3. with little flesh; skinny, thin
  4. having prominent bones


  • Finnish: luumainen (1), luinen (1,2), ruotoinen (2, of fish), luiseva (2,3,4)
  • German: knöchern (1), grätig (2 fish), knochig (3,4)
  • Spanish: huesudo

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